[Warashibe] Nikuyoku Analyze Ch. 7 (Slight Fever Girl)

Symptoms include excessive masturbation.

Today, I have chapter 7 of Nikuyoku Analyze for you all. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii. Sorry for the gap in between releases, but things slow down during the November/December time frame. Classes coming to an end means crunch time for the students, and that includes myself (Presentation due next week, haven’t started yet ^_^;). Ahh, the glories of education.

In any case, here we have a nice chapter featuring 2 childhood friends, Yuuka and Takahiro. Due to Yuuka masturbating all night until the sun came up, she ended up with a fever that morning… Or at least that’s what she told her mom. Really, she just wanted to masturbate even more. Well, after checking her out, her mom leaves to get some medicine. Much too Yuuka’s surprise, it’s Takahiro who shows up with her medicine. And it just so happens to be suppositories. Clearly a case of “Clever mom is clever”.

Chapter 7

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