[Warashibe] Nikuyoku Analyze Ch. 9 (Reward Volleyball)

Playing volleyball with more than just a trip to the championships on the line.

Back again with another chapter of Nikuyoku Analyze. Chapter 9 is here. Translation courtesy of Yoroshii as per usual. As usual, my slacker ways made me take longer on this than I should have, especially since it was a relatively quick edit once I actually started it… Anyway, this is the second to last chapter in the book, so the next chapter brings Nikuyoku Analyze to a close. I’ll try not to delay it too long. That is, provided anime, manga, other edits, and whatnot don’t get in the way. Pray for me, folks T_T

In this chapter, we have Mizuno, along with his teammates, playing in a volleyball game that will decide whether they will represent their school in the National Championships. They’re convinced that they’ll win because they’ve got the perfect motivation: Their teacher has promised to show them her boobs should they win.

Under normal circumstances, that’s a guaranteed victory, right? Well, not this time. They lose horribly. Afterwards, Mizuno takes it upon himself to find out why his team’s “Breast Power” didn’t help them. After going to the other team’s gym, he soon discovers why they lost. Simply put, their teacher, Shizuka-sensei, was offering a far greater “reward”, if ya know what I mean. And since Shizuka’s such a nice teacher, she decides to “reward” Mizuno as well despite him being on the opposing team. Lucky guy.

Chapter 9

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    1. Sweet! I probably should’ve asked this in the previous question, but how about the Fukuyama-san series?

    2. Well, I have no clue when the Fukuyama-san series is going to end. Fuetakishi’s still planning to draw more of it, so I wouldn’t be looking for a batch of that anytime soon.

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