[Warashibe] Otome Gokoro (Uncensored)

Here’s my second full book edit that Nemui and I did together. I have this book to thank for discovering Warashibe. I personally think his artwork is great, which is why I decided to pick up his newest book (still in the works). It seemed a lot of people liked it too, so I was glad to have been able to work on it.

In any case, this book is a series of one-shot stories with the only exception being the first two chapters of the book. They turned out to be the most “controversial” since it dealt with cheating and the dreaded NTR (almost and of the reverse variety, so it’s okay, right?). The chapters following those two are all happy sex (save for chapter 10) under a variety of circumstances. Here’s descriptions for the rest of the chapters if you care to know what to expect if you don’t know already. And did I mention this is all uncensored? Yup, it is. The decensoring was done by a kind fellow by the name of Monmon19. So that’s a nice little cherry on top of an already great manga, isn’t it?

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Chapter 3 – Love Kotatsu
Two childhood friends, Shirou and Shion, enjoy themselves under a kotatsu.

Chapter 4 – Invited My Girlfriend Over to My House
Hiro invites his girlfriend, Yuki, to his room. But it’s really his brother’s room. When they accidentally discover the brother’s porn video and closet full of sex toys, swimsuit sex followed by catgirl cosplay ensues.

Chapter 5 – Ane Revenger
After her little brother Takashi’s skirt flipping goes too far (yanks off her panties), Yukina knocks him out. In the name of revenge, she takes advantage of her unconscious brother in more ways than one.

Chapter 6 – Let’s Examine You After School
After skipping school the day before, Marina goes to see the school doctor to make up for the physical examination she missed. Concerned about the size of her breasts, she has him check them. Marina ends up getting a much more intimate examination as a result.

Chapter 7 – Because I’ve Loved You for a Long Time
Tadahiro, Yuki, and Sumika are all childhood friends. One day, Sumika goes to confess her love to Tadahiro, but he’s already going out with Yuki. Unhappy about seeing Sumika cry, Yuki promptly knocks him out. When Tadahiro wakes up, he’s tied up with Sumika and Yuki in their bra and panties. So he gets a threesome albeit against his will. Not to worry though, Tadahiro gets even with them. Then more threesome sex occurs.

Chapter 8 – Enjoyable Club Life
Miyuki’s the ace of her school’s track team and Kazuto is the most nonathletic member in the club. So why has he joined the club? They are childhood friends, but that’s not the whole reason. Due to a chance encounter one day, he discovered her secret habit. She likes to run with a vibrator inside her. No worries though, he’s not blackmailing her. He’s just helping her out with her exhibitionist tendencies. So when he falls behind the group when running, Miyuki stays behind while everyone else runs ahead. That’s when the two go off to have some fun.

Chapter 9 – First Time Warning
Mitsuki has been going out with her underclassmen, Aki, for a while, but they have yet to kiss. But that changes abruptly when, walking home from school, Aki takes Mitsuki behind a bathroom and proceeds to go all out on her. First kiss? Not yet. First unveiling of tits? Yes. First unveiling of pussy? Yes. First fuck? Yes yes yes! First cumshot? An emphatic yes. First kiss? Finally happens after all of that. The order’s just a little messed up, but it’s alright.

Chapter 10 – Little Sister Complex
Older brother (he wasn’t named) is unhappy about his sister, Eri, bringing her boyfriend over to their home and her planning to give her virginity to him. That doesn’t happen though because she isn’t ready, so her boyfriend leaves. But before she has the chance to regroup and try again another day, the older brother rapes her and steals her virginity for himself before the boyfriend can. He ends up stealing much more from the boyfriend in the process. And mending some family ties as well, so it’s not all bad <_< Chapter 11 – After the Storm, Comes a Girl
Yamagishi takes shelter from the rain at an apartment complex after being caught in a sudden downpour. Luckily for him, his teacher, Youko, who just so happens to live in the apartment complex, spots him and invites him in to dry off. She then goes to take a shower herself which he misinterprets as a signal. He ends up getting his feelings hurt when she comes back out (in nothing but a towel, no less). But he gets his chance to be with her after a chance encounter with a bug creates an opportunity.

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